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From: Bret Thomson Author, Speaker, Coach, Marketing / Conversion Strategist and one of Australia’s Highest Paid, In-Demand Copywriters.


I’ve been cursed.

Cursed with an unquenchable creative mind that doesn’t stop thinking!

It pays well. Especially for my clients…

Think about this…

Let’s just say you’re smart enough to invest in me to write your sales copy.

So it’s me… coming up with your hook, twist, big idea… mapping it all out… then writing it all for you… the whole works… For your business.

Got the picture? Good.

Here’s what’ll happen:

When I’m given a brief from you… and we’ve spent a few hours chatting about your project… it starts.

What starts? I don’t know what to call it… but something big happens.

That grey matter floating in my skull perched above my neck… well… it goes into hyper-drive.

Consumed by YOUR business.

I’d be lying if I said I enjoy it.

I become obsessed. It’s as if coming up with the BIG IDEA for your business becomes my most dominant purpose in life!

Sad really. For everyone else around me… they kind of get neglected.

I wish I could switch it off sometimes.

I’m not kidding. I get in this 24/7 daydream, zombie-like trance…

Brain Washed With This Insatiable Obsession To Make It Rain Money On Your Business

I’m not sure you fully get it… How can I explain this to you?

Maybe this way…

You know when you’ve got a song repeating in your head that you just can’t shake?

You’re nodding aren’t you?

Well… times that by a THOUSAND, friend.

It sucks.

Cos when I start thinking about YOUR business… My creative brain doesn’t let up. Damn it.

It’s Like Trying To Stop Niagara Falls With A Paper Cup…

The ideas flood in with a raging force that’s unstoppable.

It’d be okay if I just picked one idea and ran with it… but no.

Not so lucky.

My brain knows better.

There’s a mysterious and unexplainable creative intelligence lodged in my mind that’s NEVER satisfied UNTIL it uncovers that BIG moneymaking idea for you!

I try and control it. Impossible.

I’ve even tried playing a mental trick on myself.


I remember trying to justify a few second rate ideas… just to move on. What a joke. Waste of time.

Yep… I’ve come to accept my role here.

My purpose, on this rotating rock they call earth, is to come up with income exploding ideas that’ll make a difference in my client’s lives.

In this case… yours.

Lucky you.

My mind won’t rest until it uncovers that heart-pulsing, head-turning hook!

The show-stopping headline that’ll cause a profit avalanche right in front of your eyes…

Or that eye-popping irresistible offer that’ll have clients throwing money at you faster than you can bank it!

I’ve come to terms with this fact.

That I’m possibly the greatest money-making thinker on the planet.

If you disagree… Don’t bother telling me… The position’s vacant so I’m taking it. Besides, I believe it… and so do my clients. So it must be true.

Yeah… Welcome to my world.

That’s what’ll happen when I start thinking about your project. Damn it.

I’ll probably eat less. Forget my keys and wallet to the point of embarrassment.

My partner, Lynika, will probably have to repeat basic instructions to me until I respond.

But don’t worry… there’s magic happening…for you…for your business.

It’s a forgone conclusion. I’m wired this way.

Wired To Help You Make More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible.

It’s what I do.

I’ll definitely sleep less. Wake up in the wee hours of the morning scribbling ideas down (for you) on my trusty bedside notepad.

I wish it wasn’t this way… there’s something addictive about it… Sometimes I can’t even finish a meal without jotting down ideas about your business.

Damn you. You could never pay me enough for this. It ALWAYS swings in your favour. And so it should, of course.

Constantly thinking about how to make YOU the most amount of money in the shortest time… and the easiest way.

Thinking about that unique angle that’ll separate YOU from your competitors.

That’ll position YOU as the only logical and obvious choice.

And you know what sucks?

The amount of money you have to invest with me is laughable in comparison to what I’ll make you.

I’ll Turn Your Investment From A Molehill Of Money Into A Mountain Of Cash!

Every book I’ve read, seminar I’ve attended, DVD or CD I’ve devoured… all about marketing and copywriting… it gets regurgitated into a pool of thought…

Constantly stirring… bubbling away until the BIG IDEA floats to the top.

And don’t worry my friend… I know exactly when it happens.

Every cell in my body has this weird reaction. A buzzing sensation…

Every hair stands on end.

Yep… I know it all too well…

I call it the money-shiver…

No, that’s not true. I just made that name up.

I don’t really have a name for it at all. But I know the feeling. Ohhh yes… I sure know the feeling.

And when you get “The Call” from me… after I’ve nailed this idea for you…

Well… be warned… You’ll have no chance in stopping me from making it happen for you.

I’ve convinced a room full of big-wig business heads to let me “try out” my ideas… They figured it out pretty soon that I wasn’t going to let up…

So they let me run with my plan.

Lucky for them… cos they ended up laughing all the way to the bank… and still sing my praises.

Ohhh… that feeling… actually… I think that’s the part that’s addictive.

I remember my last client I took on. Same deal.

Sure enough… The “feeling” came thru… as always…

I Made Him Over $750,000 In 3-Days.

No surprise he’s lined me up for his next project.

Another client brought a project to me. He thought he’d do me a favour and tell me what angle to go with and what copy he knew would work.

Lucky for him, I disagreed.

He said, “Right, Bret, If you do this… it’ll make us around $500,000 in 4 weeks

I knew we could do better.

I turned his plan on its head… and presented a whole new way of rolling out his promotion.

So I bet you’re wondering how close I got to the $500,000 target, right?

I missed it by a long shot.

Instead, I made him $1.6 Million in under 2-weeks.

That’s $1.1 Million Dollars Of Unexpected Sales.

Wish I charged him more now. Damn it.

Any more stories? Sure…

This one guy approached me and said,

“Bret, if you write all the sales copy… and make it a huge success… I’ll pay you a percentage after we’ve made the sales”

I told him to P*** Off!

Well, not in so many words…

Look, most times, I’ll listen… but it’s gotta be pretty damn attractive. And there should always be some upfront money before I write.

Anyway… I had another story to tell you…

Another recent project I sunk my teeth into was an offline direct mail campaign. (My favourite type )

I created a 3-step mailing sequence.

The big idea was brilliant, I must say.

Remind me to tell you about it on our strategy call, okay? (I’m not allowed to broadcast it here)

Anyway, back to the story.

So, they sent out the first mailing pack to a small portion of their database. Just to test it out…

What happened next blew their minds.

They had to stop the campaign after the first mailing.

Why? Because…

They Couldn’t Handle The Volume Of Response!

It took them 3 months to catch up before they could roll it out again. Made them more money than they could have ever dreamed of.

(Their words, not mine)

And that campaign still stands as the most successful promotion in the history of their 12-year company.

They were amazed.

I wasn’t.

I expect that.

And that’s what I expect to do with your project.


I’ve got work to do. So I’ll wrap it up here.

I want you scroll down till you see a green button that says, “Click here to apply”

WAIT… don’t scroll down yet… I haven’t finished talking to you.

I want you to fill out the application form. Relax… it’s only short. You see…I only take on 3 or maybe 4 projects per year myself (outside of my main clients).

But I do have a team of personally trained A-class copywriters who I co-write with.

I call these superstars my A-team. Not a very original name, I know… but it works for me.

We take on maybe 2 or 3 projects every month.

Freaks. I see it very rarely.

They Possess This Unexplainable “X-Factor” That Only A Rare Few Copywriters Have

Not many of us have it. And I should know. I see a lot.

They’re the ONLY copywriters who I would PAY to write my own stuff. They’re that good!

I’ve personally trained these guys (and gals) and to be honest… their skill for writing persuasive, emotive and compelling copy continues to shock me!

Freaks, I say!

They’re already successful independent copywriters right now… but we work together on these projects.

In truth… the natural talent of these guys would’ve made them a success without my help anyway… eventually.

But I might as well take full credit for being their coach, while I can.

In these co-writing projects… My main role is… you guessed it… come up with the BIG IDEA that’ll create a stampede of leads, clients, sales… whatever the objective is.

Mastermind different angles and sections of the sales copy and strategy… then proof read and critique all the pieces of the project.

So it’s as close as you’ll get to having me write it all for you.

We have a waiting list, but the turnaround is pretty quick.

A lot quicker if I was doing it myself. I spend 80% of the time researching and nutting out the one big thing that’ll cause an atomic money explosion for you!

And by the way… If you’re one of those rare, serious players (with money) who would prefer to have me (and only me) work on your project…

Then I’m happy to chat… but it won’t even get a sniff of interest from me if it’s under $10K… Just so you know.

Final thought… I can’t promise you we’ll take your project on.

We’ll ONLY take on projects that we know we can hit out of the park and make a success out of.

It makes you money… and us look good.

Okay… go and apply now. Chat to you on the other side.

Click To Apply!

Bye for now…

Think big. Be different.


Bret Thomson

P.S. Not trying to load the guilt trips on you… but if I accept your project… keep this in mind… when you’re snugged under your covers sleeping at night… I’ll be wide-awake, staring at the ceiling, percolating ideas for you and your business. Not by choice. It just happens. You could never pay too much for that.

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